Wednesday, August 18, 2010 comPlicateD

I close door,
and shut off my feelings,
Don't have the strength to care anymore,
my heart can't take this bleeding sky anymore.
You know i still love you,
But I'm disappointed in you!!


Sometimes I just sit ..with your lovely face in my head, and I gaze over the perfect imperfections that I never want to change. I know you don't know it yet, darlin', but you're my inspiration ..that flicker of light I keep trying to grasp ..but it's always taken away.

It comes back though, burnin' like the flames of hell. Strong and alive, shattering my world to pieces. The embers dance along my skin, and whisper little love notes in my ear.

Sometimes I wish you'd sing with me, but you'd rather scream instead. I guess I can handle that. I always did want to be heard. Let the rage contaminate the air. Let it fill every pore around, and strangle the innocence out of all the children. It's time to grow up and live in the real world now. It's time to stop thinkin' this fairytale of mine will ever come true.


I think.. I can live with that. I think I can be happy.. as long as I get to scream with you

i miss u friends !!!!

sHe sTOLe my heARt..

hey oru vaarththai mozhiyaalae
ennai uruga vaiththaaL
ennai uruga vaiththaaL
oru paarvai vazhiyaalae
ennai nerungi vittaaL
ennai nerungi vittaaL
oru minnal idipOlae
ennai thudikkavittaL
ennai thudikkavittaL
oru kaathal varathaalae
ennai aethethO seithuvittaL

she stole my heart
she stole my heart
she stole my heart
she stole my little little heart