Thursday, May 14, 2009



Teachers help us a lot
With us they create a bond
They teach us what they know
The themes which we don’t know.

They love the students
They are a flower’s fragrance
Sir or ma’am become our friend
When we need them.

Teacher! Teacher!
We call hundred times
When we have a doubt
They are patient and don’t shout.

Geography, History,
English, computer,
Science or Math,
They show us the path.

Teachers are like gold,
And they are brave and bold
They are unique
They teach us easy techniques.

They care for us
When we are not well
If we faint or get hurt
Like a baby they carry us.

Today on the Teachers’ Day
Dedicated to you
We can get together
To do something for you.
Happy Teachers' Day to you.

Priyatharshini Darmalinggam
Future Teacher

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