Saturday, November 13, 2010

buzy? i don tink so

it been months
i didnt update my lovely blog

i'm busy..
its not true...
i'm not busy
bcoz i can simply online in facebook n tagged ol d tyme
its just tat
i've no mood to update my blog
seems i don f any hot news

hurm hurm
actually again i lied
i do f news to share
but i tink tis is not d right place to share...
so let it be in me....

haiz haiz....
i'm at d end of my sem n my year in UPSI
i went through lots of obstacles
surviving in UPSI 4 past 3 n half years
really an unforgettable memories

i learned tat
bcoz human creates d rules
human f d rights to change those rules....

i will survive wit rules n witout rules......

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